Hong Kong Police vs Protesters

China on Monday harshly criticized a weekend demonstration in which eggs were thrown at its office in Hong Kong, accusing the demonstrators of violence without mentioning a violent attack against protesters and civilians the same night. A group of protesters targeted China’s Liaison Office on Sunday night after more than 100,000 people marched through the city to demand democracy and an investigation into the use of force by police to disperse crowds at earlier protests. The official People’s Daily newspaper, in a front-page commentary headlined “Central Authority Cannot Be Challenged,” called the protesters’ actions “intolerable.” Later Sunday, protesters trying to return home were attacked inside a subway station by assailants who appeared to be targeting pro-democracy demonstrators. At least 45 people were injured, of whom 15 remained hospitalized Monday afternoon, including one man in critical condition, the Hospital Authority said. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said allegations that police had colluded with the assailants were “unfounded.” The office of a pro-Beijing lawmaker was surrounded Monday and vandalized by about 100 people who believed he had shaken hands the previous day with the attackers. Protesters wrote memos and stuck them on legislator Junius Ho’s office, damaged glass panels at the entrance and destroyed a surveillance camera. No one appeared to be in the office. Another 14 people were injured Sunday night as police used tear gas to clear protesters in central Hong Kong. Police said on their official social media accounts that protesters threw bricks and petrol bombs at them and…

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