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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday shuffled his cabinet after a senior minister quit less than a year before an election that could see the ruling Liberals lose their majority in Parliament.

The most notable move saw Jane Philpott move from the indigenous services portfolio to become the new president of the Treasury Board, who has overall control of public spending.

She replaced Scott Brison, who unexpectedly announced last Thursday he was quitting after 22 years in politics.

Justin Trudeau also named Judy Wilson-Raybould to the veterans affairs ministry. She had been justice minister since November 2015, when the Liberals took power.

Polls suggest that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals – under pressure over their handling of the economy and stalled energy projects – could struggle to maintain their majority in an election this October.

That would leave them in a weaker position, relying on support of other parties to advance their agenda and survive confidence votes.

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