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President Muhammadu Buhari confessed last week that he is under tremendous pressure to appoint his cabinet and pleaded with National Assembly, NASS, officials who visited him at his Aso Rock lair for more time to do it. Rather than acquiescing, some unpatriotic Nigerians are grumbling and many questions concentrate my mind. Why would anyone gripe over such an innocuous request? What is the fuss all about? Is it because our ever-considerate president asked for a little more time? Nigeria has all the time in the world. And the president knows that. A man of immense capacities, he can go the whole hog alone. Ministers will be a distraction. What if he says to hell with ministers, the same people he labelled noisemakers four years ago? And how prophetic he was! Those stampeding Buhari don’t mean well. They are unpatriotic. In 2015, these same unpatriotic people stampeded him to appoint ministers only six months after assuming office when he was still on political honeymoon. The consequence was predictable. Buhari ended up with ministers, many of whom he never knew, foisted on him by the All Progressives Congress, APC, and individuals, for three and a half years. It must have been traumatic for him. But it was quite unlike him. A man of steely resolve, how could he have allowed himself to be railroaded into that hasty decision? Thank goodness Buhari has vowed that: “This time around, I am going to be quite me, in the sense that I will pick people…

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