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The Presidency at the weekend in Abuja reacted to calls for revolutionary protests slated for day by Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, saying the days of coups and revolution are long gone. A statement by the president’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu, described organisers of the protest as “faceless,” challenging them to come out of their hiding and reveal their identities. The presidency, according to the statement, said President Muhammad Buhari had respect for the rights of citizens to protest, but described organisers of the protests as individuals merely seeking to attain power by violent and undemocratic means, emphasising that the ballot box is the only constitutional means of changing government. Furthermore, the statement said the president was reelected through the ballot box only six months ago, and the results of the elections were affirmed by international observers while those who disagree with the outcome are still contesting it in the court. “Less than six months ago, Nigeria held simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections. Both contests were won resoundingly by President Muhammadu Buhari and his All-Progressives Congress party. The campaign was observed, and results were confirmed by international election monitoring groups and observers. The result was even contested by the losing presidential candidate and his party in Court. “The ballot box is the only constitutional means of changing government and a president in Nigeria. The days of coups and revolutions are over. Those making the ‘revolution’ call hide behind the veil of…

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