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Prime Minister Theresa May battled to save a draft divorce deal with the European Union after her Brexit secretary and other ministers quit in protest at an agreement they say will trap Britain in the bloc’s orbit for years. Their resignations have also put her position as leader of the Conservative Party – and consequently her premiership – under threat.

The British currency plunged and is set for its second biggest drop this year as opposition mounted at Theresa May’s draft deal for leaving the European Union with a series of resignations. The dollar jumped and traders bought into the safe-haven yen after the Brexit deal was plunged into uncertainty, spooking investors across currency markets.

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Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered 18 resignations from her government since last November, ten of which have been related to her approach to Brexit. Here is the list:

Michael Fallon
Resigned as defense minister in November 2017 after a journalist accused him of sexual harassment.

Priti Patel
The aid minister also resigned in November 2017 over undisclosed meetings with Israeli officials.

Damian Green
Quit in December 2017 from his role as May’s effective deputy after an internal investigation found he had made misleading comments about pornography on computers in his parliamentary office.

Justine Greening
She resigned in January after refusing to take a new job in a cabinet reshuffle.

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Amber Rudd
Stepped down as Home Secretary (interior minister) in April over the government’s treatment of some long-term Caribbean residents who were wrongly labeled illegal immigrants.

Greg Hands
The junior trade minister resigned from the government in June to oppose its plans to build a third runway at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Phillip Lee
A junior justice minister, Lee resigned over the government’s handling of Brexit in June.

David Davis
He quit as Brexit Secretary in July in protest at May’s “Chequers” plan to keep close trade ties with the EU after Brexit.

Steve Baker
He resigned as a junior Brexit minister in July, also over the Chequers plan.

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Boris Johnson
Resigned as foreign secretary in July over the Chequers plan.

Andrew Griffiths
The minister for small businesses resigned over allegations around a sex-text scandal in July.

Guto Bebb
A junior defense minister, he resigned in July after voting against a government-backed Brexit amendment.

Tracey Crouch
She resigned as sports minister earlier this month, accusing the government of delaying a proposed reform of gambling regulations. The government later changed its mind.

Jo Johnson
The junior transport minister, younger brother of Boris, resigned last week, calling for another referendum to avoid the vassalage or chaos that he said May’s Brexit plan would unleash. Unlike his brother, Jo Johnson campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU in the 2016 referendum.

Shailesh Vara
The junior Northern Ireland minister resigned from the government on Thursday after the cabinet approved a draft divorce deal, saying this will leave the UK “in a half-way house with no time limit on when we will finally be a sovereign nation.”

Dominic Raab
Dominic Raab Britain’s Brexit minister resigned on Thursday in protest at the government’s plans for leaving the European Union, saying that the Irish “backstop” arrangement was now the starting point for discussions on future ties, which could severely prejudice the second phase of negotiations.

Esther McVey
The welfare minister resigned on Thursday accusing the prime minister of failing to honor the result of the 2016 referendum.

Suella Braverman
The junior Brexit minister resigned on Thursday saying the proposed divorce deal was not what the British people voted for and risked breaking up the United Kingdom.

Rehman Chishti
The Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party has handed in his letter of resignation to the UK Prime Minister Theresa May.


Dominic Raab

“I cannot reconcile the terms of the proposed deal with the promises we made to the country in our manifesto at the last election … This is, at its heart, a matter of public trust. No democratic nation has ever signed up to be bound by such an extensive regime, imposed externally without any democratic control over the laws to be applied, nor the ability to decide to exit the arrangement. That arrangement is now also taken as the starting point for negotiating the Future Economic Partnership. If we accept that, it will severely prejudice the second phase of negotiations against the UK.”

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