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A leader of the pro-Brexit faction in Britain’s Conservative Party has confirmed that he’s filed a letter of no-confidence in British Prime Minister Theresa May and that he thinks former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would be a strong candidate to replace her.

Speaking outside Parliament, Jacob Rees-Mogg said he expected enough letters to be sent to the committee that oversees Conservative leadership elections to trigger a challenge to May’s leadership.

Under party rules, a no-confidence vote takes place if 15 percent of Conservative lawmakers write to the 1922 Committee asking for one. That number stands at 48.

“I think it can be done quite quickly. I think the parliamentary processes can be sped up,” he told reporters, adding “not months, but I think weeks” when asked about a timeframe.

Rees-Mogg’s letter is likely to spur others to do the same, especially from the European Research Group of Brexit-supporting backbenchers that he leads.

Boris Johnson, David Davis, Esther McVey and Dominic Raab, who have all quit May’s cabinet this year, as possible future leaders, as well as Penny Mordaunt, who was widely rumoured to be considering her cabinet position.

A leadership challenge to British Prime Minister Theresa May could be completed in weeks, eurosceptic lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg said on Thursday.

Britain is due to leave the EU on March 29, 2019.

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