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15 Member Hit Team - Missing Jamal Khashoggi

Saudi Arabia initially denied knowledge of his fate. Then, on Saturday, its public prosecutor said Jamal Khashoggi had been killed in a fight in the consulate, an explanation that has drawn international scepticism. Most of the 15 worked in the Saudi military or security and intelligence services, including at the royal court, according to Saudi and Turkish officials and several sources with ties to the royal court.Continue reading

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama

Suspected explosive devices have been sent to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, according to the Secret Service. A suspicious package was also sent to the Time Warner building, where news outlet CNN is housed. This comes just two days after a bomb was sent to the home of billionaire George Soros.Continue reading

Hassan Rouhani - Iran Politics News Headlines

“No one would imagine that in today’s world and in this century, we would witness such an organized murder, with an apparatus organizing such a heinous killing,” Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani told a cabinet meeting, referring to the findings in the case of Khashoggi, who entered the Saudi consulate on October 2, but never emerged.Continue reading

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (R) meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has received official pledges of a six-billion-dollar loan to his country from Saudi Arabia, whose top leadership is involved in an international crisis of credibility over possible involvement in the killing of a Saudi dissident. Saudi Arabia pledged three billion dollars in foreign currency support for a year, and a further loan worth up to another three billion dollars in deferred payments for oil imports, to Pakistan, the Pakistani government announced in a statement on Tuesday.Continue reading

Atiku Abubakar and Peter Gregory Obi - Peter Obi - Nigeria Politics News

The Northern Youths Leaders Forum (NYLF) advised the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to review the choice of Obi, if he hopes to earn the North’s support. The group, which prides itself as the apex body of 46 youth organisations in the North, threatened to mobilise its over six million members against the PDP and its presidential candidate, if Atiku failed to take its advice.Continue reading

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - Saudi Arabia News Headline

They rose to positions of unbridled power because of their bloodline, and those who fell, sometimes in a grisly manner, did so because of what they had done in the family name. The killing of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul by agents believed to be close to the kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has cast him into this ruthless and pitiless pantheon.

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Shinzo Abe - Xi Jinping - China - Japan News

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to bolster cooperation and friendship between Japan and China in a key policy speech Wednesday before making the first official trip to Beijing by a Japanese leader in seven years.

Abe said. “As we unflaggingly exchange summit diplomacy, I will also deepen the exchanges between the two peoples in all levels of activities from business cooperation to sports.”Continue reading

Jamal Khashoggi - Donald Trump - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

US President Donald Trump said the Saudis had a “very bad original concept” in killing Jamal Khashoggi, the 59-year-old Saudi insider-turned-critic.

“It was carried out poorly and the cover-up was one of the worst in the history of cover-ups. It was a total fiasco. I’m saying they should have never thought about it. Once they thought about it, everything else they did was bad too … It should have never happened.”Continue reading

Justin Trudeau - Canada Politics News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Ottawa is ready to halt a $13 billion arms deal with Riyadh if it concludes the weapons have been misused.

“We strongly demand and expect that Canadian exports are used in a way that fully respects human rights. We have frozen export permits before when we had concerns about their potential misuse and we will not hesitate to do so again,” he added.Continue reading

USS Curtis Wilbur and USS Antietam

The USS Curtis Wilbur and USS Antietam conducted a routine transit to demonstrate US commitment “to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Colonel Rob Manning told reporters. It was the second time in the space of three months that American warships had conducted so-called “freedom of navigation” exercises in the 180 kilometer wide stretch of water.Continue reading

NATO Military Drill - Europe News

“The main NATO countries are increasing their military presence in the region, near Russia’s borders,” Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, slamming “the sabre-rattling”.

“Such irresponsible actions are bound to lead to a destabilisation of the political situation in the North, to heighten tensions,” she said, vowing Moscow would “take the necessary retaliatory measures to ensure its security.”Continue reading

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz - USA Politics Today

“We had our little difficulties. … It got nasty,” Donald Trump admitted, as he took the stage here. But he hailed Ted Cruz as someone “who has become a really good friend of mine.” “Nobody has helped me more,” he added, citing Cruz’s efforts to pass tax cuts and to secure the recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.Continue reading

Mustafa al-Madani, Jamal Khashoggi (Left) and Jamal Khashoggi Body Double (Right)

The images, which were published by CNN on Monday, show the decoy leaving the Saudi consulate in Istanbul by the back door, wearing Mr Khashoggi’s clothes, a fake beard, and glasses, in the hours after he was killed. Four hours earlier Mr Madani, 57, who is of similar height, age and build to Khashoggi, entered the building by the front door, without a beard, wearing a blue and white checked shirt and dark blue trousers.

“Khashoggi’s clothes were probably still warm when Madani put them on,” a senior Turkish official told CNN.Continue reading

Ayo Fayose - Peter Ayodele Fayose - Ayodele Fayose - Nigeria Politics News Today

Peter Ayodele Fayose pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of criminal breach of trust and theft totaling nearly $18 million (15.5 million euros). The Federal High Court in Lagos was told that Fayose, 57, and his company, Spotless Limited, took the cash to fund his 2014 campaign to become governor of the southwestern state of Ekiti.Continue reading