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Thousands have attended the funeral of Polish mayor Pawel Adamowicz after he was stabbed to death on stage at a charity event.

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Pawel Adamowicz, the 53-year-old mayor of Gdansk died on Monday after being attacked the night before during a fundraiser to help provide money for hospital equipment.

Pawel Adamowicz #6

Pawel Adamowicz
Pawel Adamowicz #4

He underwent five hours of surgery for wounds to his heart and abdomen, as locals queued to donate blood, but medics were not able to save him.

European Council President Donald Tusk was among the Polish and European officials who joined thousands of mourners for his funeral at the vast Gothic St Mary’s Basilica on Saturday.

Pawel Adamowicz Funeral - Poland News

Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also attended along with former leaders including Lech Walesa, as did ex-German president Joachim Gauck and city mayors from other countries.

Pawel Adamowicz Funeral #1

But the powerful leader of the ruling Polish conservative party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, was not there.

Upon news of the stabbing, Mr Tusk tweeted: “Pawel Adamowicz, Mayor of Gdansk, a man of solidarity and freedom, a European, my good friend, has been murdered. May he rest in peace.”

Mr Adamowicz’s coffin arrived at the basilica ahead of a Mass on Friday night, after which the body was cremated.

Pawel Adamowicz Funeral - Poland Headline Today

The ashes have been placed inside a black urn, which will be laid to rest at one of the chapels at the basilica.

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Crowds in the streets were able to watch the ceremony on giant screens, with most still in shock over a killing that has drawn calls for greater national unity and condemnation of hate speech in the public sphere.

Pawel Adamowicz Funeral #3

It came amid deep political divide in Poland over actions by the ruling Law and Justice party.

The 27-year-old suspected killer is an ex-convict who is said to have a grudge against an opposition party that Mr Adamowicz once belonged to.

Pawel Adamowicz Funeral #2

Police said the man – who remains in custody – appeared to have mental health problems and gained access to the stage last weekend with a media badge.

Pawel Adamowicz Funeral - Poland Headlines Today
1965-2019: RIP Pawel Adamowicz
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